Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Someone call Noah, quicklike

Our basement is flooded. For the first time in 17 years of living in this house.

Why? Because we have had a beaucoup mess o' rain today -- I am guessing close to 6 inches. The creek is as high as I have ever seen it, and I have lived on this creek for the best part of my life.

Better question: why am I blogging, now of all times?
1) Because wacky stuff is happening in the basement -- my sewing machine was running by itself, full force.
See, I took a movie of it, taken from the stairs:

Mom always said I sewed way too fast -- this is probably cracking her up. I did flip the circuit breaker to the basement, but I am still wary of going down there, and am going to wait until Clay gets home.

2) Because this is just another one of those things.
You know.
THOSE things.
Those things that happen to us.
Weird little adversities, set backs, snafus. Why does it seem we have so many of those? Skunks, power windows, wells, slippy frozen refuge roads -- the list goes on and on.
But this too, like all those, will soon pass. After a few days of drying, pitching out wet junk and cleaning, it will be as if it never happened, and we'll have something to laugh about, blog about and maybe even write a poem about.


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