Friday, July 21, 2017

Re-start, Re-charge

So you may notice that I haven't posted on this blog since August of 2015.

Two years.

Lots and lots has happened. I won't even try to catch up, but may include some of the lovelier moments of those two years here in the next few weeks.

I also haven't written much at all in the past two years; my novel, which I quit a great job to write, is still unwritten.  I did start a political blog (Jumping Down from the Shelf) in January, but have only posted there 10 times.  I'm proud of the blog entries, although I get a little timid every time I'm ready to hit the "publish" button -- I'm a blue woman living in a red state with a lot of red friends and a couple of red enemies.

But I have been inspired to re-charge this blog by two people/things:  1) my sweet friend, Margaret's, lovely blog (My Own Allegory).  It was just a few weeks ago that Clay asked if I'd ever read her blog, and I am ashamed to say that I hadn't.  It is sharp, introspective and passionate -- just what I want my blog to be.  I'm probably going to steal her "Weekly Ponder" idea for my blog, just to keep track of books and such on a more regular basis.

2) Women Writing for (a) Change.  I went on retreat last week.  I was so incredibly nervous, as I was stepping out of my comfort zone -- I knew no one else who was going.  What I soon discovered is that these 17 lovely, amazing women on the retreat with me are probably my tribe.  I think this retreat has changed my life.  (More on that to follow...) I have come home ready to right the world with my words.

Well, write, anyway.  Away we go.