Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Some fun, some finds

On the 4th, rub-a-dub-dub, three sweet boys in the tub,  after supper and playing and freezer pops and playing and homemade ice cream and a little more playing, but before jammies, fireworks and books.  

 We could see the city's fireworks display from our bedroom window, and after, Adam put on a display just for us.  It was great fun.

Earlier that day, Clay and I drove to Louisville; I had always wanted to go to the FANTASTIC Kentucky Flea Market (as they say on the TV commercials), and I was hoping to find some treasures to fix up.
Unfortunately, it wasn't the kind of flea market I dream of -- just lots and lots and lots of new stuff -- purses, deodorant, health drinks, jewelry, shampoo, doggie sweaters.  "Craptastic," to quote Clay.

So today, I visited a few antique/junk/flea market stores, and gathered this haul:

Not too bad for $44.  I read one sweet little story in Fairyland Visitors and knew I had to bring it home; however, I passed up a half-gallon ice cream freezer at that store, and am already starting to regret it (a post on homemade ice cream coming up this week).   I have a hard time not buying sweet pictures of kids and dogs, but I'm not sure what my current attraction to kitchy Chinese figures is all about -- this is my third set this year.  I am excited about the bingo board and cards (I think I can feel a decoupage project coming on!) and I am going out to spray paint the big frame right now!  Finished project soon!

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