Monday, August 10, 2009

Where Did My Summer Go?

Memo to school boards all over: Kids who started school after Labor Day ended up walking on the moon, inventing Viagra and developing the Internet. Will starting in August make them smarter, more creative or better citizens? No, just a lot sweatier after lunch recess.

But regardless of my feelings, we start on Thursday. This THURSDAY.
Thursday? Why Thursday? Can't we start on a Monday? (Preferably a Monday in September?)
I am just crabby, because I still have a lot of summer things to do before school starts, and they're not going to get done. Like working in yard and gardens, fixing up the back porch, finishing my office/craft room, doing some general fun stuff and just lying on the couch. (I know, I don't do that. I want a hammock on the back porch, but I probably wouldn't lie in that, either. But it sounds nice, doesn't it?)
Last night was Kindergarten Open House. It went very well, I am already in love with the kids and am excited to get started. Here's the first installment of Sharon's Awesome Bulletin Boards:
What you can't see is that all the little popcorns are springing off the board on curly pipecleaners. Once again, words cut out with the amazing Cricut.
Yesterday afternoon was pre-school open house, as well, so the Andersons came down for that and stayed for supper and horseshoes with Grandma Clay.

Maggie and Paul came, too, and we ate lots of corn, green beans and tomatoes.


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