Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Ash Wednesday

or as we call it in our house, National Tuna Casserole Day. I make tuna casserole just once a year; I don't need a recipe, I just sing Garrison Keillor's Tuna, Food of My Soul (to the tune of Whispering Hope):

Only a small can of tuna,
Mushroom soup, celery and peas,
Mixed with a quart of egg noodles,
Sprinkled with chips and with cheese . . .

Tuna casserole, oh how dear to my childhood,
Tuna and noodles and mushrooms and chips.

We play Whispering Hope almost every week at the Lutheran Home; it's one of Arno's favorites. Of course, when he sings "whispering hope," I hear "tuna casserole."
I offered to make some nice fish for supper, or our extra delicious macaroni and cheese, but Clay asked for the regular. Lent is so much more than tuna casserole, but tuna casserole is Lent.

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  1. In my teen years my mom and I sang at many funerals. Whispering Hope was often requested. So when I first heard GK's version I laughed until tears rolled down.
    I've often been thankful I didn't hear his version until after all those funerals. It would of been challenging to not belt out " tuuuunaaa caassaaaroole" ...