Thursday, August 27, 2009

Bits and Bobs

- Clay is on his way home! I think. His message this evening said he would be home "tomorrow afternoon" but that could mean Friday (my tomorrow afternoon) or Saturday (his tomorrow afternoon.) I will just be glad to see him when I see him, because I am sick and tired of making my own coffee in the morning. And, I miss him. I am hoping that the success of this trip doesn't mean that more trips are on the horizon, but I wouldn't be surprised.

- 13 at Knit Night this evening. One new knitter, two who we hadn't seen for awhile. Lots of fun, as always. I always say I am not crazy about Lion Brand Homespun, but it is very popular at Knit Night, especially with the Prayer Shawl knitting crown. And, five of my recent projects have been made from it -- blue shawl for Donna, purple shawl for Jodi, the Library Capelet, a Triangle shawl on the needles now and this:

This is the pinwheel pattern I like so much, and I just couldn't stop; I started with the leftovers from the purple shawl, but ended up buying 3 more skeins to finish. It measures about 5 feet across, counting the crocheted edge. I'm going to donate this one to an upcoming fundraiser.

- I broke the picture machine at CVS today. Temporarily. But it was embarrassing, nevertheless. Seems that the little stick that goes with my new camera is an MS Duo, and I put it into the the MS slot, where it got stuck. The photo lab girl and the assistant manager both worked to get it out, and had to take the machine apart to get to it. While I stood there. At noon. When everyone in Seymour was doing their drug store shopping.

I blame Wal-Mart. Because if they carried the cartridges for the nifty little photo printer that Clay bought for me at Wal-Mart, (and which you can still buy at Wal-Mart), then I would have been able to print out the photos at home. (I did ask the girl behind the counter why they didn't have the cartridges for the printer, but I got the famous WM Shrug, followed by the famous "I can call a manager." But considering my past failures with this process, I just let it go.)

I think my new goal in life will be to find a way to blame everything on Wal-Mart. Like six degrees of separation:

Bad thing A happened because of B because of C because of D because of E because of Wal-Mart.

It is good to have a goal. (But please, no one tell Barbara!)


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