Friday, August 28, 2009

Share the (Bundle of) Love

I took my bundle to the post office today, and needed a little help with the customs form -- what goes where and all that. When the clerk saw I was sending fabric to Iraq, she was interested; I gave her the information, as she thought it was something she would like to do, as well.

Very cool.

I currently don't have too much appropriate fabric in my collection, as I gave the Joray girls 4 or 5 bags of fabric just a few months ago. I did find some fat quarters, a free yard from SMS, a nice puppy-print flannel and all the yarn downstairs, and I had a new pair of knitting needles in my library bag. I purchased 6 1/2 yards of the green at Jo-Ann's this week, and they had a nice set of scissors for $5.00. Thread, needles, pins and a tape measure round out my bundle.

Lucky doesn't look too happy in this picture. "You bellowed and woke me from my nap to take my picture by some box? Just because all the other kids were doing it?"

Let's face it. She is not an LOLCat. She's sort of a B -I-you-know-what-Cat.

Peace. May it come in bundles.

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