Wednesday, May 30, 2012

A Great Race, A Great Weekend

The Purdue Band in Dan Wheldon sunglasses (picture from Dario Franchitti's FB page!)

Yet again, we had a fantastic weekend with our Purdue friends as we all invaded Jeff and Jeannine's house for a 26th year.  Old standard fun:  the race, the parade, beer, euchre, book talk and discussion questions at dinner.  New fun:  Harry and Izzy's with the girls, duckpin bowling and The Container Store (yes, that is bold.  And underlined.  I dream of an organized life, and The Container Store is a dream come true!)

It was so, so hot, but thanks to  lots of water and sunscreen, we got to enjoy one of the best races I have seen.  Crashes were few (but scary, and of course, right in front of us), no one was hurt, and the passing was super exciting.


Tuesday, May 22, 2012


Oh Zoe, if things weren't so hectic, I'd join you on the carpet.