Friday, August 21, 2009

A Bunch of Randomness

- On the front porch:

Love that autumn-blooming clematis -- one of the few things I can grow really well, besides crabgrass and lamb's ear. Here's a close-up:

- I have always said you can never have too many friends or too many books. I still believe the friends part, but after cleaning out Will's old bedroom to make way for my office/studio*, I think maybe you can have too many children's books. We belonged to three or four monthly books clubs when the kids were little and we probably got a Little Golden Book every time we went to the grocery store. Then along came book orders at school and book fairs -- why couldn't we let one pass without buying a new book? Especially those of the Berenstain Bears variety, not ever my favorites, and too long for bedtime reading (when we read them 3 or 4 books every night). There were 32 of them on the shelf! But could I get rid of them? Could I put them into the two shopping bags of books I took into school?

No, I could not. The Berenstain Bears are destined to remain part of our family artifacts.
*doesn't studio sound classier than craft room? I thought so, too.

- Visited with my new car on Sunday. I don't think she wanted me to leave without her.

- Things are going well in Japan -- Clay's smoothing ruffled feathers, and it looks like he will be able to come home next Friday! The only bad part of this is that if he had to extend his stay, he was hoping to climb Mt. Fuji. Hopefully that will work out someday, and he can add that to the list of things he has done without me -- walking the Great Wall, climbing the Sydney Harbor Bridge, hiking around a sheep farm in England, drinking vodka with Siberians. Not bitter, really, just envious.

- Our first full week of school is complete!

- Patriotic Quilt of Doom

Love the quilt, love the people I made it for, love all the lovely little sentiments people wrote on the top at their wedding reception. Hated the finishing process. But it's done, and on its way. Peace, little quilt.

- So, I need a new sewing machine. Mine (mom's) was on its last legs even before the little flooding incident. I want to step up from a Singer -- I've been looking at the Bernina's at the quilt shop here in town; they are great, and sew like a dream, but $$$. Then, just yesterday, I saw an ad in our paper for a shop in North Vernon, and today, when I had a little free time I wasn't expecting (isn't that always nice?) I drove over there. Although their fabric selection was a little limited, the women in the shop were warm, helpful and inviting -- they took over an hour with me, explaining the differences in the Janome machines they sell there. They sew like a dream, too, and closer to a price I can afford. I think I found just the right one, but I'm going to wait until I get the room done to get it -- good incentive for me to get busy.

- On the needles -- I finished a purplish rectangular shawl for my friend, Jodi, and started another one (a pinwheel) with the leftovers. So far, I've had to buy 2 more skeins, and need to get one more to finish. But that's my fault, because I wanted it to be big enough. Big enough for what? I'm not sure yet. I'll let you know.



  1. Hey, Georgiann. I don't think you should be envious of your husband since, as I see it, you have a lot of accomplishments on your own. Growing a lovely plant and finishing such a delicate quilt are as equally fulfilling as Clay's achievements. By the way, your car looks good. I love its color and design. Great pick!

    Ellsworth Mciltrot

  2. It's healthy to try things without our usual company. Clay sure has some good taste when it comes to exploration. Maybe you should join your husband sometimes. But it's also lovely to stay at your porch surrounded with green. Your Mini Cooper looks good, by the way. Why don't you try to do a long road trip alone. Start making a list of the things you want to do without your hubby. Good luck!

    Ava Harness