Monday, August 24, 2009

Hip, Hip, Horray!

The St. Ambrose team won the Church League Tournament Saturday night, defeating 1st Nazarene twice!
In the front row, Gus and Henry with Andy, Brock, Smitty with Grant and Evan, Keith and Scotty. The back row is Tom, Piet, Bob and Bailey, Brooks, Dick, Bill, Jeff, Terry and Jason.
They also won the regular season, losing only one game (the other big trophy).

Going to the games was a highlight of our summer, and Clay (second oldest guy on the team!) had a great time, despite the pulled hamstring, achilles tendon and general achiness he felt after every game. I was so sad that he had to miss the tournament because of his Japan trip -- I know he was, too.
Looking forward to next summer . . .

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