Monday, September 21, 2009

Tommy's 5th Birthday!

You can clean your house, scrub the deck, fill a pinata and bake a cake, but you can't make the sun shine. After a beautiful week, I woke up Sunday to the sound of thunder (cue Bob Seger). But we still had a great party. Here's a few pictures:

Pinata in the garage:

Tommy and I Googled "Cars Cake" and found a million images -- luckily, he chose one that wasn't too hard to figure out. And, when you watch every episode of Ace of Cakes, you pick up a few tips! (Although I know Duff and crew would have made those cars out of fondant -- I bought these at Target!)

Along with Cars and Super Heroes, Tommy loves the Ninja Turtles, so I worked up this hat and mittens for him.

I guess you could say I designed this hat; I looked for a pattern all over, but could only find a crocheted TMNT hat. I worked the hat flat; I know you can work intarsia in the round, but I thought I would save learning that skill for another day. I had planned to duplicate stitch the black of the eyes, but it looked goofy, so I went to mom's miraculous button box and found two perfect buttons for the eyes -- much easier.

If anyone would be interested in this pattern, I would be glad to post it here.

Peace, love and Ninjas.


  1. Looks like you had a fun party, and the cake and hat look great!

  2. Hey I'd be really interested in getting this pattern off of you! It looks great! My friend wanted me to knit him a TMNT hat. I know this is an old post but I was searching for a pattern and like you I couldn't find any. Is it possible to get the pattern?