Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Quit Needling Me,

here they are, the answer to a recent Blogstalking topic: all of my needles in one place.

Sort of.

I have loaned out several pair to library and nursing home knitters, and I have no idea where my little bag of circulars has gone to.

And there might be a couple of dpn's down inside the couch.

The ones I really miss are some handmade maple #15's -- I don't think I ever made anything with them, but I just like the sound of them clicking together.

Needles not in use:

I really love these needle cases from Ashland Sky.

(don't tell anyone I let my crochet hooks hang out with my dpns)

And the emergency #10.5's I made from a dowel rod:

Nate (Maggie's boyfriend) gave me his grandma's needles. I think they look nice in this Mason jar, and every once in awhile they come in handy.

Needles in use:

#4's on Tommy's Accordion Sweater. I think this is destined for the frog pond; the Swish is just too springy -- when I blocked out the back, just to see what would happen, it sprang back to the tight ribbing immediately. I like the yarn, I love the pattern, but I don't think they will work together.

The Harley Shawl for Nate's mom, on #13's. She starts another round of chemo and radiation soon, and those chemo rooms are always so cold. They're a big Harley family, so I thought this color would be appropriate (it matches her kitchen!) but the Dayflower pattern makes it a little more feminine. Sue at Knit Night suggested adding black ribbon fringe, but I think I will pass on that.
#8 circulars on the Modern Quilt Wrap in progress. Maybe progress is the wrong word. Abandoned might be a better word. I am re-thinking this.

This is really embarrassing. # 7 circulars on Nathan's Baptism blanket. Nathan will be 2 next month. I hadn't seen this for a while -- I found it in the bottom of a box of yarn in the basement, where I guess I stashed it after I didn't get it finished by his baptism. I think it is time to wrap this up -- I have the Celtic braid for the other side done, so it shouldn't be too hard to finish.

peace, love and pointy sticks

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  1. That baptism blanket is baeutiful - I had never thought of doing something like that before for a baby blanket. It would be more interesting that the baby blanket hell I am in at the moment.