Sunday, January 6, 2008

You Know Christmas is Over

when your silver tree falls over,

and your golden "P" falls down.

Taking down Christmas decorations has to be one of my least favorite things to do. But I try to do it neatly and in good order, so I can thank myself next December. (Thanks, self!)

Just a note on the silver tree, which I got at an auction about 5 years ago for $1.00. My Grandma P, who was all about over-the-top, had a silver tree when it was first cool -- I am guessing about 40 years ago. She also had the rotating color wheel (very cool) and the turning, musical stand (extra cool.) She decorated her tree all in pink, which I do as well, so I can be cool like her. A few years ago, a friend gave me a bejeweled silver "G" ornament. It is the perfect finish to this tree, as my grandma's first name began with G, like mine. (Gaynell -- you certainly don't hear that name any more.) So I call it my G tree -- a little glitzy, a little gaudy and a lot Grandma.

This was the prettiest little live tree we have had for many years. Douglas fir. (I am adding that so we will remember what kind of tree to look for next year.) It will be almost sad to see it go up in a blaze of glory on Good Friday. I am, however, looking forward to making a little film of the fire, one of our most anticipated family traditions, and adding it to the blog. Stay tuned.



  1. My parents have an aluminum tree too, complete with rotating light. My aunt found it at an antique store about 10 years ago. My dad calls it his anti-Christmas tree because its cold shininess is completely opposite to the comfortingly homey live tree they had in their house every year when I was growing up. I love it.

  2. Oh no! I bet the tree was absolutely beautiful before it fell over.

  3. Putting away Christmas is always so hard. I like your pink tree, and the silver one, too. What a nice tribute to your grandmother!

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