Friday, January 18, 2008

Nice Things

Snow, enough to be pretty, but not enough to cause much trouble.

A letter from Senator Lugar, thanking me for thanking him for introducing the International Violence Against Women Act (along with Senator Biden).

Phantom at a Discount

I didn't go see Phantom in Louisville with my friends on Sunday; I didn't have a sub to play at Our Lady of Providence and I didn't have the confirmation lesson complete for class that night. Besides, I have seen it twice. At Confirmation, my friend Laverne, who saw it that afternoon, told me it was the best production she had seen (her 3rd, as well.) I was telling Will about that, and he said, "You know mom, next time it is near, I'd like to go." Since it is in Louisville until the 27th, I went Internet searching for tickets. I found two for next Sunday, and started to place my order with Ticketmaster, when a pop-up box informed me that Clay had membership reward points which we could apply to the purchase, so I did. Two tickets, orchestra level, slightly right of center in the middle of the house for $59. Not too shabby.

But the nicest thing of all is that Clay's dad, who had a stroke before Christmas, stood up yesterday.

I haven't written anything about dad; there's really just too much to say, and it has all been so difficult -- the holidays, the distance, the frustrations. But I probably should have written that despite all that, there is hope, joy and laughter. This is one crazy family, but it's an amazing, loving family.
Two of my favorite pictures:
Dad and Maggie on her first birthday, September 1988
Dad and Will, Christmas Eve, 1993
Dad had stayed home with Will, who had a fever. This is how we found them when we got home from Mass. Pretty sweet.


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  1. Good for his dad. Such a difficult thing to accept and recover from -- yet I've seen miraculous comebacks with my own eyes.

    Enjoy the theatre, dear.