Thursday, January 3, 2008

Back to Business, and a Poem

Ode to a Sock Monkey
I pass you on to one I love,
But parting brings great sadness;
Remembering hours that we shared
Drives me near to madness.

My search for you began last fall
But failure made me sobby;
At last I found your sockish pelt
At the rear of Hobby Lobby.

Directions? Pattern? Incomplete.
That didn't make me sway!
I stitched by hand and by machine
And guessed along the way.

The intimate moments: who could have known
Your crotch was made for stuffing?
Your legs, your tummy and your bum,
All required fluffing.

A slender tail, curvaceous arms
Would soon endure some tugging;
I sewed them on as best I could
With double thread and snugging.

From ebony eyes to curled lash:
Floss gave you your style.
But you were born with ruby lips --
From a heel you gained your smile.

So go your way, my monkey friend
And bring joy to another;
Two more socks in my sewing room
Will soon become your brother.

Griffin and his monkey, on his sock monkey quilt. Sharon and I saw this fabric on a trip to Craft Town in Salem before Griff was born -- I was so glad to see it was still there when I went back this November. The quilt isn't quite done yet (surprise, surprise) -- I'll post a better picture next week.
Here are a few more Christmas projects: Nate's hat, modeled by Will. Just a 4x4 rib cable, knit up using a double strand of Cascade 220.

A scarf for Carly, and a matching poncho and hat for Riley, her AG doll. All made from Caron Simply Soft, the scarf is granny squares set together with a double crochet border. Riley's poncho is 4 of the squares set together in a larger square with the center left open for her head. The hat is double and single crochet worked in the round -- I didn't have a pattern and just made it up while we were at Will's wrestling meet in Terre Haute the Saturday before Christmas -- I wish now that I had written down what I did.
Getting back to blogging after a break of a few weeks is really hard -- too much to talk about. I'll try to get caught up this week.


  1. Great poem, and I love the FOs! Sometimes, I also have problems giving away something I've made. It can be pretty hard.

  2. Love that monkey! And the quilt is adorable, too. My daughter has a sock monkey, but it wasn't hand made. I would like to make her one, but I don't know if it will happen.

    Glad to have you back to blogging!