Monday, January 14, 2008

Overwhelmed, and the Year Has Just Begun . . .

I feel sort of like this

Last Tuesday evening, I sat down to take a little personal inventory: what I am doing, what I really want to do, what I am responsible for.

When I was finished, I wasn't sure if I wanted to laugh, cry, or throw up. It was a long list. I'm not going to list it all here; I don't think there is anyone who would want to read it ("Where is the knitting?!" I can hear them shout.)

My main problem is that I have accepted an office on the National Council of my sorority. This is not a bad thing; I love my sorority and all the good work that we do (think millions of dollars raised for cochlear implant and cleft palate research, hearing aids, literacy, assistance dogs, scholarships, orchestras and all kinds of other good things.) But this also means that I need to eliminate some of the other things I do to make room for this in my life. That is the problem.

So, I am quite stressed about this. I know I am not irreplaceable, it's just that I really love to do most of the things I do. And if I quit doing them, someone else will have to take my place (or, they won't get done).

So I have decided to adopt this philosophy:


What's the Worst That Could Happen?

(doesn't the purple look dramatic?)

(This motto, which I read on a Sew, Mama, Sew blog post, is also the 2008 motto of our Knit Night Group. )

Things will change and I will probably still be overwhelmed, but life will go on.


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