Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Calorimetry & Mario

The perfect hat for playing Wii:

Yet another skein of SWS, this time in Natural Navy. Do you see any navy there? Me neither. But I do like the way it striped -- looks like I planned it that way.

I made this for myself, but it didn't look so cute on me. Maggie tried it on, and Sarah said it looked like I made it for her. So it is hers.

As was advised on the the Knittyboard, I did reduce the number of cast-on stitches to 80 and used #8 needles; if I were to make another to fit me, I would probably do something to reduce the width of the band, as well.
Wii watching:

(Doesn't he look distinguished with that little bit of grey in his hair? This deep thinker should have been reading his Literature assignment instead of watching Maggie conquer her game.)
In the good old days of family video gaming, we all became addicted to Super Mario. Last week, Will bought a copy for his Wii. It is simplistic compared to the games he plays now, but it still kicks my butt, and he is having his troubles, as well; he was little when we first played, and he most enjoyed running Mario off the edge into oblivion then giggling like it was the funniest thing he had ever seen.
The girls, on the other hand, seemed to pick up right where they left off (after a few early tragedies for Mario and Luigi). Maggie zipped through levels, and I heard Will say, "How'd you do that?!" more than once.

They get their love of video games genetically -- we were in college during the advent of Space Invaders, Asteroids, Galaga and Frogger, and spent countless hours and quarters at the arcade.

Back when you actually had to leave your dorm room to play a video game.

Back when the only computer game I played was guessing how many fatal errors I would have in my Fortran program after I sent all my punch cards through the one huge computer we had access to on campus. (Clay tried to help me through that class -- I think we almost broke up because of that. I barely squeaked through with help from Jeff, and swore never to look at a computer again. Go figure.)

peace and Pong


  1. You're right - I see no navy. It looks great!

  2. LOVE it. I've wanted to make one for a while now.

  3. I used to love Super Mario. I haven't played a video game in more than a decade, but those wii's sure look fun. Great job on Calorimetry. Your making me itch to cast on, Georgie, but I can't do that - I already have way too much waiting to be knit!