Thursday, February 9, 2012

Why Am I So Cranky?

Reading over my last two posts, I realize I used the term "asshole" in each of them.  Sorry -- that's not very ladylike.  I'm not sorry I used the term, though, I'm just sorry it's not ladylike.

You know me.  I try so very hard to be happy:  Life is good.  Look on the bright side.  Count your blessings.

But this week, I'm just feeling cranky.

It might be because I broke our coffee maker.
It might be because Clay is getting ready to leave for 3 weeks.
It might be because this weird weather is making my head throb 24/7.
It might be because I am still having a bit of trouble with time management -- I haven't come to a peaceful spot in this "working/housework/writing/other stuff I love to do" world I now find myself in.

But I really think it's because I am so tired of people being cruel to each other.

And I am particularly tired of people being cruel to others in the name of my pal, Jesus.

This means you, One Million Moms.  (I'm not going to link up to their site or the FB page, because I don't want to expose you to any meanies.)  And that's what they are.  Big meanies, aka bullies.

Because anyone who loudly pronounces universal judgments about others because of their race, ethnicity or sexual preference is nothing but a bully.  And bullies who hide behind the "Christian" label are my least favorite bullies of all.  I think the OMMs know this, but let me make it clear -- Jesus wasn't a bully.  And he didn't particularly care for those who were.  AND, he had a very soft spot and loving heart for those who were bullied.  That's why I love him so.

I read the One Million Mom site.  I've read their successes.  One of their recent victories is having convinced several advertisers to withdraw their commercials from the "Modern Family" episode where the toddler Lily keeps using the f-word.

I don't know about you, but if I raise children who are loving toward all people, not judgmental of those who are different than them, and giving of themselves to the betterment of humanity, I could care less if they drop the f-bomb now and then.  (OK, maybe not when they were 3, but you know what I mean.)

And I would bet you almost One Million Bucks that when Ellen Degeneres films her JC Penney ads, she won't mention being gay.  Not once.  Kind of like how Clint Eastwood didn't mention that he was heterosexual in the Super Bowl ad Sunday evening (greatest man in the best commercial of the night, IMO, followed closely by the VW dog, who didn't mention his sexuality, either).

So here's what I would say to the OMM's -- turn off the TV and quit shopping at JCP if you don't like it that Ellen is their new spokeswoman.   Or, on the other hand, maybe watch a few episodes of her show so that you can see how loving, kind and generous she is.

And take a look at another Million Moms -- the ones who have taken the challenge to make life a little easier for pregnant moms in third world countries.

Because this cruel shit really has to stop.   Before my head explodes.



  1. Where's the "like" button?

  2. those assholes!!! lol

  3. Well written. Some people just need to get a life and mind their own business I am SURE they are not perfect!

  4. Great post, Georgie. I couldn't agree more. I am headed to JCP BECAUSE I can't stand the OMM's.