Saturday, February 18, 2012

School Auction!

As promised, here are the things I made for the annual auction:

This is my first quilt made with my new machine.  I didn't have a pattern, just an idea from some other banner quilts I have seen recently, and of course, those fantastic Japanese travel-inspired fabrics -- Parisian landmarks, Hawaiian hula dancers, Eskimo children, subway maps, London double-decker buses and Japanese geisha girls!  (I think this quilt is headed to a new baby in Michigan, whose parents were in the Peace Corps - perfect!  I had bought the fabrics with a quilt for my little friend, Georgie, in mind -- I had started a sweater for him when he was born, but he has grown like a weed and I thought a quilt would be a wiser choice -- I have plenty of fabric to re-create this quilt for him.  Plus, knowing his family, I think as he grows he will appreciate the worldly theme of this quilt!)  I machine appliqued the flags onto the white backing, then appliqued on bias tape for the ribbon.  I cut out the letters with my Cricut (not sure I'll do that again -- I think I have better luck hand-cutting them with freezer paper) and appliqued them on, then machine quilted around everything.

 The backing is a piece I've had for a few years -- "hello" in many languages -- and the binding is a Russian-inspired print.  

Speaking of Russia, this babushka quilt is my own design, too.  When  Clay goes to Russia,  he brings home vodka and matryoshka dolls, which I just love (the dolls, not the vodka).  The fruit fabric in this quilt is a collection I've had for probably 10 years; I had planned on doing a basket block with each of the fruit designs, but never got around to that -- so, the fabric was perfect for this quilt, and I wish I had another 1/2 yard of each so I could make another quilt just like this one!

Each of the dolls has a little pocket, and I embroidered their mouths and french knot eyes, then added a little colored pencil blush on their cheeks.

 I added a strip-pieced strip (!) on the back for a little color, then quilted in lots and lots of curly-q's -- I didn't quilt over the doll appliques, though -- I'm not sure if I should have or not.  Hmmm.  I need a lot more practice with free-motion quilting, but was happy with how these first attempts turned out.

Yet another stocking in the Cascade pattern:
 I knit up one Christmas stocking for the auction, and gave a certificate for three more.  After my friend, Barb, had the winning bid, two more people came and asked me if I could knit them a set of stockings for their families, too -- of course I will, but I should have offered to teach them to knit!

For the dessert auction, I made our famous Pinkalicous cupcakes.



  1. Georgie, your talent is amazing. These are wonderful.

  2. Now come on... you know you love good Russian vodka!

  3. Clay, only when it's ice cold and with a big bunch of friends. Otherwise, I prefer good American whiskey.