Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Thoughts on Lent, More or Less

I'll just confess it now.

I'm lousy at Lent.
Much in the same way I'm lousy at New Year's Resolutions, willpower and self discipline.

Which is why my butt is the size it is, my teeth aren't sparkly white and why my bed goes unmade most days.

I've been a Catholic for almost 28 years now, but I would wager a guess that I haven't successfully navigated even one Lenten season having fulfilled my promises.  I blow it every time.

And not because I want to -- I just do.

I have a lot of respect for those who give up dessert, TV, Facebook or coffee for the entire duration of Lent -- good for them -- that must feel fantastic.  But I've found that for me, "giving up" something doesn't seem to draw me closer to Jesus, it just makes me cranky.

So I have adopted a more-or-less attitude about Lent, which seems to work pretty well for me:

Less taking, more giving
Less sitting, more walking
Less coffee, more water
Less complaining, more enjoying
Less spending, more saving
Less hating, more loving
Less TV, more reading
Less talking, more thinking
Less mess, more cleaning

I'm not making any promises about blogging daily (because you know, that's a self-discipline thing) but I am thinking about writing on each of these.  Stay tuned.  



  1. Perfect Lenten promises! Exactly what I needed today! Thanks so much for sharing!

  2. A promise to keep every day- wonderfully put George.

  3. I too am always well meaning. I truly like your spirit and I put your Lent idea on my Facebook page to inspire others.
    Its nice to see someone else that just wants to 'be'. thank you!