Sunday, February 12, 2012

Back to Happy

Here is some good stuff, to calm my spirit and re-center on the happy.

- Mr. Fix-it has the coffee maker back up and running.  How I love coffee him.

- Being with Purdue friends last Friday night.  We grab every opportunity to be with them.  Love our Purdue friends.

- Knit Night.  Six years now, and it never gets old -- always some new knitters, new projects, plus old friends and good old patterns!  Love my KN friends.

- Kitchen Therapy.  Friday mornings in the school kitchen are the greatest cure for what ails me.  Love my St. A friends.  Even Doug.

- Adele will be singing at the Grammys!  Setting the DVR for her 60 Minutes intereview, too.

- An Excellent Book.  I finished Caleb's Crossing last week.  Read it.

- A Birthday Week.  Little Nate turned 6 yesterday, Big Nate turned 28.  We celebrate together tomorrow.

- Sewing.  My cranky machine had been taking the fun right out of sewing and making me curse (OK, so it doesn't take much). So, thanks to my new job, I saved some $ and bought myself a new machine:

Fun sewing.  No more cursing.  Project pictures soon.


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