Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Queen for a Leap Day

Today, after an offhand Facebook status (Since this is sort of an "extra" day, and it's going to storm anyway, who is in favor of taking the day off? If I were Queen, I'd make it so, but since I'm not, guess I better get going! Make it a good Wednesday, friends!), I was elected/selected Queen by my peers.

So, I've been giving this a lot of thought, and have come up with the following rules and regulations; you are welcome to come stay, if you will abide by the following:

  • Be nice or go home
  • Work hard at work you love, and produce something good every day
  • Read.  Preferably in a comfy chair
  • No whining
  • Listen to lovely music
  • Vacation like the French, nap like the Spanish and have a lovely cup of tea each afternoon like the British.
  • Government subsidized corgis for everyone
  • Tip at least 20%
  • Bike!  If you can't bike, you must drive a Mini Cooper
  • Make art.  Enjoy art
  • No smoking.  (Sorry, my queendom, my rules)
  • Knit a little, if you can
  • Share
  • Sit down to supper each evening with people you love
  • 8 glasses of water a day, 8 hours of sleep
  • Never complain
  • Limited 15 minutes per day cell phone use; no texting
  • Throw a party as often as possible
  • No littering
  • Love with all your heart
  • Garden and keep a few chickens in the back yard
  • No political/religious/ethnic/hurtful jokes or commentary
  • Do something nice for someone else.  Every day.  Mandatory

So, when it's your turn to be Queen (or King), how will your little corner of the Earth look?



  1. How 'bout - Unlimited time to do the fun stuff ya wanna do - and only 10 min a day to do the icky stuff you don't.

  2. Now that was a fun read! Thanks for that, except it just makes me miss you more, as if that was possible. See you before too long, or at least that's what I keep telling myself.

  3. how about a corgi & a dyson?

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  5. How about no work trips over 1 week without paid travel for spouses?

    1. I agree, if he is going to Scotland! If he is going the middle of nowhere, I'll just stay home! (He needs to blog about the mine in Australia, where the mice were so thick on the roads they made the road look like it was moving -- ick. I would pass on that trip!)