Monday, November 19, 2007

Some Things Bugging Me Today

- Condoleezza Rice said that the US was willing to send $2.1 million to Bangladesh if they asked.
The massive cyclone last week killed over 3,000; 1,000 are missing and thousands are homeless.
Did they really need to ask?

- Did the Iraqis ask? This really bugs me, but don't visit the site unless you want your head to explode.

- Wal-Mart is open Thanksgiving Day. They are closed Christmas Day, but open on Easter. I am not too logical, but I had some logic in a graduate course once. Let's work this out:
A - almost everyone celebrates Thanksgiving
B - not everyone celebrates Christmas
C - Christmas is a Christian holiday
D - Easter is a Christian holiday (most of us Christian types consider this a bigger holiday -- indeed, the biggest)
Therefore, if Wal-Mart is closed on Christmas, they should be closed on Easter. And if they are closed on a day that only part of the population celebrates, shouldn't they be closed on a Federal holiday that people of all faiths celebrate?
I can't do it. In fact, it makes my head hurt.

- Today at the grocery store (not Wal-Mart), you can buy 2 half gallons of milk for $3.00, but a gallon is $3.88. I asked the cashier why. She shrugged. I asked the customer service rep. She said, "That's just how it is." I asked to speak to the manager, but he was busy. (I think saw me coming and went into hiding.)

- The Patriots. 56-10. As if people outside of Boston didn't hate them enough . . .

Off to sweep, dust and find a little peace.


  1. I clicked. You warned me - I shouldn't have, but I did. And yep, it made me angry.

    I hope you find some peace. And I hope the poor souls in Bangladesh do, too.

  2. Heh. A while ago, at a now-closed Winn Dixie in Georgia, a great deal on wine was advertised - two bottles shrink-wrapped together for $13.00! Problem was, a single bottle was $6.00. When queried, they told me that the convienence of the shrink wrap cost extra.

  3. My favorite movie line ever is from Bull Durham.

    "Don't think. You'll only hurt the ball club."

    There are often times thinking just ain't worth the expended calories. Let it go. You and I can do our part, and that's all we can do.