Thursday, November 15, 2007

Oh Deer

At this evening's Mass, Father talked about things we worry about that may never happen.
I could write my dissertation on that topic, you know.
But last night, one of my worries came true.

Maggie hit a deer.

Or rather, Maggie was hit by a deer. On her way home from work, around 11:00. He ran out of the woods on her left side and ran into her door. He left a large dent in her front fender, and her mirror was hanging by just some wires.

But she is fine. She was just scared, and angry that her nice car, that she has had only had a few months, and which she has taken such good care of, is crunched -- she has to crawl in from the passenger side.

She and Nate went out to look for the deer, but couldn't find him -- I'm hoping he was able to die peacefully in a nice warm leafy spot. If not, he must have a hell of a headache.

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