Wednesday, November 14, 2007

November Oddities

It is the middle of November, and that is a rosebud, with many more buds in waiting:
(Poor Mary needs a paint job!)

And if that weren't odd enough, the lilac bush bloomed, as well.

My Prodigal Kitty, PK for short. He just showed up one day, and we fed him. He sticks around for a few days, then can be gone for weeks, but I'm always glad to see him -- he is very sweet after you feed him. I told him yesterday that if he chases away the skunk, I'd give him a nice can of tuna. (Yes, I am a November oddity, myself.)

We took the Confirmation kids to St. Meinrad on Sunday. We had a lovely time, although the weather was gloomy. Once again, I forgot to take out my camera until it was almost time to leave, but here are three good (not-so-odd) guys who went along:
And the Archabbey Church. It's very beautiful and not at all odd, but apparently my picture-taking skills are (it's not sliding down the hill, I promise). peace

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  1. Wow! Roses I can understand because there are some pretty hardy roses out there - but I am surprised you have lilacs blooming. I love lilacs.