Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Election Day and other things

Today our town will elect a new mayor. We don't get to vote, however, as we live just outside of the city limits. There are no county or state elections here either, so no visit to the polls for us today. Unfortunate, because I really need a new emery board and a book of matches.

Yesterday, I attended Grandparents' Day at the Lutheran School with my niece, Carly, who is a 4th grader. Her invitation read, "Aunt Georgie, I want to know if you could come to grandparents day with me."
Well, of course. She continued, "We will be playing recorders."

Ouch. 40 4th graders playing "Hot Cross Buns?" Almost a deal breaker. But when she wrote, "lots of love, Carly," how could I say no?
The chapel service was lovely, and we won a game of Grandparent Bingo. Then we had a sing-along with the music teacher and square dancing in the gym. Finally, a nice lunch featuring BBQ sandwiches and root beer floats.
And the recorder concert? The best one I have ever heard. They actually did a jazzy rendition of "Hot Cross Buns" with harmony.

I was almost late because I ran back home for my camera; then, I almost forgot to take pictures until after lunch. But here is Carly and her best friend, CJ.

Linda and I spent most of Saturday and Sunday afternoons at an estate auction. Lucille, an adorable lady and former organist at St. Ambrose (I took over her funeral duties when she couldn't climb the stairs anymore) died this summer. She was an antiques dealer, and ran a shop out of her home for many years.
Saturday, I bought a slide rule in a leather case, some Tupperware, a glass refrigerator box, delicate little wine glasses and two painted metal saints -- I am fairly sure the one on the left is St. Michael the Archangel, as he is standing on a dragon, but I'm not sure of the one on the right -- it looks like a cross between St. Joseph (holding the Child Jesus and the lilies) and St. Francis (monk's habit and haircut).
Will went with me on Sunday, and we bought some pretty plates, a blue whiskey bottle, a set of 16 water goblets 7 dessert dishes for $20 and two boxes of Blue Willow dishes for $1. I couldn't believe that -- no one bid against me! There were probably 20 dinner plates and 30 other pieces all together, some with chips and cracks, but worth much more, I know. Sharon has our grandma's set of Blue Willow, and this should help round out her collection with enough for Karen and me to start our own.
I love going to auctions; it's genetic --my mom and dad were auction fans, as well. Mom and Lucille had been auction buddies; one of my favorite nativity sets is one that mom bought for me at Lucille's shop many years ago. It's much more fun to go to an auction with a friend; you can speculate on an item, dismiss it as junk, gasp together when the bidders go crazy for it then laugh at yourself for not knowing something valuable when you see it!
Lucille had dolls, quilts and jewelry worth thousands of dollars (and there's still one more auction day with all her Victorian furniture), but luckily she had some little items that we could afford and remember her by.
And finally, a little knitting. Just a few more inches and I will have the back of the Accordion Sweater done. But as a Christmas present, it looks more doubtful every day.

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  1. One a penny, two a penny...
    I think that was the first recorder song I learned, too. Some things just never change, do they?