Thursday, November 1, 2007

Happy Halloween!

It was a boo-tiful evening; we sat on the porch to welcome trick-or-treaters (we didn't have many -- one of the bad things about living in the country -- but we had fun).
I made the boys Thing 1 and 2 costumes from red sweats, and knit them hats with Crystal Palace Squiggle (in Blue Grotto, one skein for each hat) and a Bernat yarn (Nathan removed the label -- it's probably in the toy closet). I just made this pattern up as I went, doubling the stitches after the ribbing to give it a nice full look.
Nathan didn't wear his Thing Hat very long, but at least we got one cute picture out of it:
I thought maybe if Sarah wore a hat, too, the boys would wear their hats. She looks adorable in the Desperate Housefrau (from Knitty), but it didn't work; her hat stayed on, but the blue hats spent most of the evening on the floor.
Three of my favorite trick-or-treaters:
Carly is Princess Leia, Taylor is a disco queen and Charlie is of course, Luke Skywalker.
And here's the third party in the Star Wars trio:

Griffin as Yoda.
My sister, Karen, made this little jacket for him, and Carly's hat, as well. They were so cute -- she even added the wrinkles for Yoda's forehead.
Tommy didn't want to wear his Thing Hat, but here is good picture of him and his best pal and aunt.

With the passing of Halloween, we'll now be bombarded with Christmas in all the stores.
I say, let's enjoy November first.
Peace, and a very happy November.


  1. How cute! I love that you made all of those hats for the kiddos (and Sarah)! And Griffin has to be the cutest Yoda ever! I was shopping today, and it's like Halloween never happened - all Christmas, all the time. I'm with you, can't we enjoy November?

  2. I love your hats for the family. Maybe I'll manage to be a desterate housefrau next year. I have a pair of "mom jeans" gifted from my MIL, and I'm dying to dress up as an 80's mom, complete with Halloween-themed vest and socks with Keds.