Sunday, November 11, 2007

Blogstalking Assignments #8 and #9

#8 - My usual breakfast:#9 - My junk drawer:
For some reason, we call this the telephone book drawer. If there was a telephone book in there, you wouldn't be able to get to it.

I really resisted the urge to straighten this up -- it is ridiculous, isn't it? Notice the little green baskets -- at one time, for probably an hour, it was all straight and devoid of unnecessary crap, like hand cream samples, silicone sealant, cords to something and pieces from a Boggle game.

A few updates:

1) Maggie's nephew, Craig, did win the mayor's race. I'm not sure if I am more happy for him or for her.

2) The saint statue I couldn't name is St. Anthony of Padua. Thanks, Deloris.

3) I went to the last day of Lucille's auction yesterday for about an hour; I wanted to see how much her baby grand piano sold for. (It sold for $1000 to one of her daughters -- I couldn't have bid against her even if I had a million dollars in my pocket.) There were bedroom furniture sets, chairs, couches, armoires, pier mirrors, oriental rugs, 2 Regina music boxes and grandfather clocks. I think the most interesting piece was a desk with carvings of topless women on all 4 legs, similar to a ship's masthead -- it sold for $6000.
4) The skunky smell is mostly gone -- there is a slight hint when you first open the front door.
Clay says I am crazy; all he can smell is the mothballs.

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  1. I like the proportions of the coffee to the yogurt ;)