Friday, November 30, 2007

An Interview and Other Things . . .

A woman called early this week and said she had been given my name by the library. Would I be interested in being interviewed about my knitting? Since I'm always interested in spreading the word, I said yes.

It turns out, the interview was for a project of the Indiana Historical Society -- Traditional Arts Indiana. They want to document how people learned their craft, why they participate in the activity, etc. It was all very official, with a microphone, tape recorder and release papers.

Ilke, the interviewer, had just come from a maple sugar farm in another part of the county, and after my interview, was to visit a neighbor of ours who preserves and presses wild flowers.

I borrowed back the Pi Shawl I had made for Griffin's baptism, and gathered a few other things. She asked questions for about an hour, then she took some pictures -- I would have put on some make-up and a nice sweater if I had known that! Luckily, she took most of the photographs close up on my hands -- action shots, she said. She also took some pictures of the crazy quilt, and seemed interested in the story behind our group effort.

She had a little time in between interviews, so I suggested she go talk to Judy, my favorite shepherdess, whose story is much more interesting than mine. When we drove out to the farm, one of the llamas was in the front pasture to greet us. Judy spins the fiber from their sheep, goats, rabbits and llamas; I am anxious to hear what she thought about the interview.

Tuesday evening, Will had a dual meet at home against a team from Hanover. When the other team came out, one of the coaches asked, "Who has Hulk Hogan?" Will said, "That would be me." The kid threw a headlock seconds into the match -- we think it was about 14 seconds until the pin, but it was over so fast and with such violent force that I forgot to look -- I was kind of busy trying not to scream.

After the match, we found out that this was just another in the long line of state qualifiers that Will has wrestled this season, and he's getting just a little tired of it -- the Hanover opponent has gone to state 3 -- count 'em-- 3 times.

Wednesday, Clay took the day off, and we decided to go to the Story Inn for an anniversary lunch. Story is a rustic little town in the middle of nowhere with a gourmet restaurant. Unfortunately, neither of us had much money, and they didn't take American Express, the only card we had between us. Brilliant, I know. So we drove into Nashville, had lunch at a cute little place and poked around in a few of the shops.

I wanted to get Clay something really great for our 25th -- usually, we just get each other a book or CD -- one time, we even got each other the same CD. So when he mentioned a
GPS, I knew what to get. The best thing is, it was silver. He got me a beautiful diamond circle necklace. Joe the Jeweler tried to convince him I needed diamond earrings, but I don't have such a good track record with earrings -- lots of singles in my jewelry box waiting for the day to be reunited with their mates.

Thursday was my 48th birthday. Sarah and the boys came down for birthday supper, and we lit the candle on my cake 6 times for the boys to blow out. I made meatloaf, not exactly one of my specialties, but something everyone likes. I never make it the same way twice. This time, I didn't have a can of diced tomatoes in the pantry -- I did have a can of diced tomatoes with green chilies, and tried that -- Clay has suggested we make it that way from now on.

In more wrestling news, this weekend is the Hoosier Hills Conference Championships. Will has 2 dual meets at Columbus on Friday night, and then 5 dual meets at Jeffersonville on Saturday. So, I guess I'll be getting some knitting done.


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