Friday, September 20, 2013

Crafty Week Day #5 -- T-Shirt Rug

I've been collecting old t-shirts and making t-shirt "yarn" for about a year now.  I've made rugs and ripped them out because the curled, but then saw this pattern by Garn Studios, and gave it a try.  Hurrah!  A rug for the porch!

If you want to make t-shirt yarn, there is a good tutorial at Mollie Makes -- this is just how I do it.
If you cut the strips wider, you get thicker yarn, and heavier t-shirts will make thicker yarn, but you can just cut them more narrow to compensate.  Or not -- the difference would make your rug interesting.  Which is what I say since I didn't compensate for the weight of the shirts!  And, my other advice would be to use a quilt ruler and rotary cutter -- so quick!

To join the yarn, you can simply tie the ends in a firm knot then trim the ends, sew the ends together or do the fancy join I like best that is shown in this t-shirt yarn tutorial from

With a great big crochet hook, this rug was very quick to work up -- I made this one in one night, plus an hour or so the next day on the edging.

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