Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Crafty Week #2 - Crocheted Cinderella Flip Doll

This little Cinderella was a first birthday gift for a sweet girl, Olivia.

 I had printed off this free pattern for a friend at Knit Night, but thought I might give it a try, too.  I made a few adjustments for a one-year-old -- no fancy beading on the skirt and I just did french knots for the eyes and tiara.

Raggedy side:

 Then her skirt flips up over her head to reveal her fancy side:

Her hair was a bit of a trick, as the pattern doesn't really tell you how -- I just searched around on some other blogs to find out how to best do the yarn hair.  The messy Cinderella was easy, but this fancy hair was more difficult.  There are lots and lots of stitches holding this to her head, but I wouldn't be surprised if Olivia finds a way to pull it all out, as babies often do.  

 My other difficulty was of my own making -- I started with the blue dress and then realized I didn't have enough blue yarn to finish.  So, I just added another ruffle and a white border with some pink roses.

This was lots of fun, and I am thinking about a Red Riding Hood Granny/Wolf version, and maybe even a Good Witch/Wicked Witch.

Tomorrow:  An Owl Hat


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