Sunday, September 15, 2013

A Sweet Doll Update

I am overwhelmingly happy to report that American Girl Kirsten, who traveled 500 miles via UPS to get here, was joyfully received by my friend, Anita.  (Original post here.)  Anita wasn't able to come to Knit Night last Thursday, so I delivered the doll to her work on Friday morning.  Here's my happy friend:

I don't think you can see the tears in her eyes, but they were there. And, you can't see all the other women who gathered around, ooh-ing and ahh-ing over the doll.  I wish I had a doll for all of them -- and I think that it can happen.  I'm not exactly sure how this will work, how many women we can gift with dolls, or how long it will take, but I can tell you that this has become my new project and passion.

Many, many thanks to all who offered their dolls, and offered to chip in for a doll for Anita.  And a big hug to my friend who sent her doll on the condition that her mom doesn't find out.  What I would like for her mom to find out is that she is wonderful and generous.

But I'm sure she already knows that.  


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