Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Crafty Week Day #3 -- Owl Hat

These hats are very popular on the knit and crochet blogs, as is anything owl-related.

Thanks to a great free pattern at Repeat Crafter Me, I made this hat for Paul in just a few hours.  Unfortunately, his noggin is far too round, and it didn't fit.  So, we passed it on to his little cousin.  You probably want to check your gauge (I didn't) as you might want to size up a bit.

Whooo's going to make another one?  Me, since this pattern is easy and fun.

PS  I used leftover Wool of the Andes for this hat, which makes it nice and soft.  I crocheted another hat last week for Tommy's birthday from Red Heart Team Spirit -- ick.  The colors were pretty (although they were Notre Dame colors) but the yarn was squeaky and the hat stiff and a bit prickly.  Ouch.  Now that Knit Picks has a a superwash WOA, I hope to never use an acrylic worsted again.

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