Saturday, September 8, 2007

Things I Have Learned Today

1) It takes a lot of pale blue paint to cover the walls of a hunter green bathroom.
2) No matter how expensive your glasses were, they can still snap in two if you catch the earpiece just right with the towel you were drying your hair with.
3) After wearing bi-focals for 3 years, it is very hard to read piano music with older glasses.
(Conversation with the cantor at practice this evening: Her: That's an E; you played a D. Me: Looked like a D to me. Upon closer, and I mean much closer inspection, it was indeed an E, although the D didn't sound too bad.)
4) I am a hypocrite. But more on that later.
5) We (read: Purdue) are one step closer to the Rose Bowl.

Update on September 20: Apparently, I have also learned that HTML is just beyond me; in the process of trying to clean up this post, I accidentally deleted the rest of this entry, and I am pretty sure it was downright inspiring. I know I had said something about loving the Modern Quilt Wrap, Clay surviving the typhoon in Japan, our water softener being fixed and maybe even something sweet about Clay. The really sad thing about this is that my smartest friend in the world, Jeff, talked me through how to do it, with examples and a link to the Blogger help page. And I still messed it up. This really screws up my inner peace -- I am off to knit.
Peace. Really. Give it a try.

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