Thursday, September 27, 2007

Knit Night Mittens

Tonight's lesson is on mittens. Some of the knitters don't like double points, so I found a great free pattern by Kate Gilbert for flat-knit mittens called Gifted. It is a really fun pattern, using a circular needle and a crochet hook -- hope that doesn't intimidate some of the knitters. (Don't look too closely at my seaming.)

Using the same yarn (Lion Brand Wool Ease, double stranded), I knit up a mitten on dpn's using a basic pattern from Ann Budd's handy little book of patterns.
I'm going to try to make up a matching hat (and another of each of the mittens).

In other news, it is raining. For the third day in a row. After Tuesday's downpour, the ground was still dry if you scratched at the surface. Yesterday was on and off showers, but today is a good, steady soaker. Looks like we might have to mow before winter after all.

It is supposed to be a beautiful weekend, at least in Akron, where Clay is going to run in his 5th marathon. He is excited to run this race in his hometown, plus they are giving a pair of shoes to everyone who finishes under 6 hours. This is really terrific, because he really needs another pair of running shoes to go with the 20 pair he has out in the garage. If we are lucky, maybe he will get a t-shirt, too; at last count, he had 93 t-shirts, and that's just the short-sleeved variety (honestly! I am not exaggerating). He's just not too good at parting with things; everything he owns has a special memory attached or "might come in handy someday." Any day now he is going to have a pressing need for his Nashville Gas Jets Peewee football jersey from 1970 or his 25-year-old engineering textbooks.
Will is going along (and missing a day of school) to visit Grandma and Grandpa; they're also planning on going to NASA tomorrow, visiting some friends and eating at some of our favorite places. They should have great fun.


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