Friday, October 12, 2012

Doing things, version 2.0

So, here's some stuff I've been doing.

Crocheting an acorn-collecting bag for Paul:

Paul loves to collect acorns on his hikes, but his mom gets embarrassed when he yells to other kids on the trails, "Hey kids, do you want to see my nuts?"  (I think I should probably note here that Paul is 4.)

Pattern from Roman Sock, found here.  I added the handle from a .50 Goodwill purse.

Going to sporting events:
Tommy and Nate both played football every Saturday morning this fall.  It was great fun watching them play -- Tommy is getting more aggressive and Nate is a speedster!

Sewing pillow cases:
Pillow cases are my new go-to gift for sick friends and family.  One side cool cotton, the other soft minkey fabric.  This one was for Griffin, after he had his tonsils out.

Rug Making:
Ever since I learned to make "yarn" out of t-shirts, I've been a little obsessed with crocheting a rug for the back porch.  Where, I will sit and relax once it is done.  I promise.


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