Monday, February 14, 2011

Make Stuff/Be Happy - Cricut Edition

Since Clay surprised me with a Cricut for Valentine's Day two years ago, I'll celebrate its anniversary by showing some of the things I've cut out lately.

Our school lobby was spruced up with a fresh coat of paint over the holidays, and our principal, Michelle, asked for a welcoming sign:
I was a little worried how the vinyl would look on the ductwork, but was happy with the result!

A BIG frame, a mat board and a lovely motto, and you get this:

A smaller version of this had been hanging in the lobby for years, but Michelle wanted it to be more visible. At 27x40, it's now hard to miss!

Valentines for my kindergarten friends:
The owl and bee were cut with the Paisley cartridge, and the envelopes with Tags, Bags and Boxes. I wrote on the back and slipped in three pieces of sugarless gum, cause that's how I roll.


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