Sunday, February 13, 2011

Make Stuff/Be Happy - Kindergarten Edition

Making stuff just makes kids happy, which is why I am so glad I'm in a classroom where the teacher takes making stuff very seriously. Here are some recent creations:

Snowmen and women, a la Snowballs. Sharon collects stuff all year for this project -- I just clean out our junk drawer!

We read Elmer, by David McKee

Last week's "D" project:
It's a bit of a trick to display 20 little dogs and avoid mounting/butt sniffing scenes.
100 Days of School -- the groovy entrance to their coat hooks:
The groovy teacher:

Zero the Hero left zero-shaped surprises for the kids on each day that was a multiple of 10 (donuts, bracelets, Funyums, etc.); on the 100th Day of School, he made a personal appearance:

Funny. His cape looks a lot like our Christmas tablecloth.

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