Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Close Enough

to show! I still have a few things to add to the room, and I need to sweep, but I'm not going to show you a picture of the floor, anyway.
This is the great table I bought off the back of Doug's truck last spring. I made the curtains from a vintage tablecloth; it wasn't quite long enough, so I added some of my mom's feed sack material at the bottom, and used another feed sack for the tabs and tiebacks. (I hated cutting into that feed sack, but thought that it would be better to trim curtains than to spend more years in a box of remnants in my basement!) Flowers from the sweet Gibbons family.

Here's the chest I showed earlier; it's full of Cricut and scrapbook supplies. I can just put the Cricut on the table and go to town! And, there's a perfect spot for our dear old horseshoe lamp. I re-did the yellow chair last year, with another vintage tablecloth.

I quickly filled up the shelves Clay put up. Art supplies, sewing supplies, buttons and lots and lots of miscellaneous. The quilt on the sewing table is the first full-size quilt my mom made; it was a wedding gift to us. However, after she took a few more classes and got really good at quilting, she wanted me to burn this one! Glad I didn't, because I think it looks just right here (plus, it hides all the plastic containers of yarn, fabric and crafty stuff under the table!)
This is my little corner dedicated to Grandma Hunley: my Raggedy Ann and Andy she made, the little whistle cup we all loved to tweet, a picture of her parents, and the cash register I found at the flea market that looks just like the one we played with growing up. Oh, and this was her trashcan, which I love, if one should love a trashcan.
My chair corner. I got that lamp at WM for $12 -- highly functional, but I think I need to kitch it up a bit. A little fringe, maybe? And the bulletin board is one Karen and I made for Grandma -- it's just a piece of foamboard covered with fabric; the ribbons are held on with paper fasteners.
And the wall. A pig, a plate, a Jesus, my parents, a quilt, a thank you note from Abby and some words, which I still need to stick down. This room makes me happy.


  1. wow ~ made me happy just looking at it. I need to hire you to make me some curtains for my living room.