Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Make Stuff/Make Nate Happy - Birthday Edition

Our sweet Nate turns 5!
Sassy smile with a little bedhead, but I love it.

When Sarah asked Nate what kind of cake he would like me to make him, he said he really didn't care, but later asked for "the most awesomest Batman cake ever." Holy tall orders, Batman!

I had made Paul a blanket for Christmas, and Nate asked for one, too, with the "cozy material." I added the N, just because.

Zoe liked it; she thought the "N" was a "Z". I told her I'd make one for her on her birthday.
Nate liked it, too. But then, Nate likes everything.

And I love every picture of our family, especially this one of Sarah and Nate:

Peace and birthday love.

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