Wednesday, June 16, 2010


So many things. Things to make, things to clean, things to write, things to bake. So far, it's been a summer of things. (It's also been a summer of thunderstorms, but let's not talk about that.)

I made a summer resolution that I would clean/straighten one room/thing/place every day. Organize, clean and pitch out old/unuseful things. So far, the computer desk is clutter-free, the basement looks awesome (if I do say so myself, although that took me a whole week!), the cabinet in the downstairs bathroom is empty of all kinds of barrettes, hair ribbons, curlers, 1/2 full lotions, potions and sprays that no one has used for several years, and my knitting bags are straight and neat. Today, my car is getting the royal treatment.

But one thing I haven't been doing is blogging -- I guess it's been low the priority list. And, I guess there are some friends/family who miss my posts. Nice. So, I am adding that to my summer resolutions -- blog every day. For a little quiet and peace, I've been avoiding the news, so I don't have any complaints/insights on BP, World Cup Soccer or Lindsay Lohan.

But I have been making things, and I think that's what my peeps want, anyway.

So, here is summer blog post #1 : Cake, Cake, Cake
My sweet friend, Pam, asked Sarah and me to bake cakes for her nephew's wedding -- one for each table! 2 chocolate/chocolate, 2 coconut, 2 red velvet, 2 lemon, 2 carrot, 2 German chocolate, 3 strawberry, 1 raspberry, 1 yellow/chocolate and one small wedding cake!
It was fun, but I think if we ever do that again, we should open a bakery first!
See you tomorrow!

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