Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Interesting Enough?

I can't blog every day. I'm sorry, I tried. I'm just not that interesting.

Well, I'm fairly interesting, but I don't do something interesting on a daily basis.

Then again, maybe I do. Today, I played at the Lutheran Home, got a pedicure, taught 3 piano lessons, and bought two pair of shoes (I know!). Interesting? Not so much.

OK, how about this: I went back to the Home at 6:30 to play a hymn sing and drew quite a crowd -- 34 of my fans were there to sing along.

Sweet, but not so interesting.

I think I have it. This will sound a lot conceited, but it is interesting to me: if I stop to think about it, I don't even know where my music comes from. Why I am able to sit down and play any hymn in any key? How do my fingers know which chords to play? Why am I able to listen to a song and play it? (Well, not Baba O'Riley yet, but it's coming along.)

If I do take a moment and think about what I am doing, and wonder how in the hell I can do it, I usually mess up. That's kind of interesting, isn't it?

And my horrible confession is, I never, ever practice. I show up for church about 15 minutes early and just do it. I show up with the band and just do it. OK, sometimes I practice with a singer if they want to, but a lot of the singers I work with are a lot like me, and just do it. I'll make up a song list before a performance or service and run a few chord changes so I am sure of the key, but then I just wing it. Almost every single time.
In truth, I am lazy. If I'd actually sit down and practice, maybe I could make something of this music biz.

Please don't tell any of my students or my nursing home fans this. It only proves my piano teacher, Mrs. Ernest, was right when she told me that I was her worst piano student/pianist ever.

But curiously, when I see her now and she hears me play, she likes to tell people how I was her favorite student.



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