Friday, June 18, 2010

Hey Look!

I changed how my blog looks! But I don't really think that should count as a daily post, so here are some quilt blocks to look at, too.

Tommy and Nate really love the stories of Little Red, The 3 Bears and The Little Pigs, although Clay and I tell them much differently -- I leave out the violence, and he adds it with gusto. You can guess which version the boys like best!

So I poked about on the Internet and found these free vintage patterns from Pattern Bee.

I just printed them off, then taped the copies to a window and traced the pattern. I like to use the DMC variegated floss; I used it on these dishtowels, and on the squares, as well:

(They look a little wonky, as I had to take these pictures from an odd angle to avoid my own shadow. They are mostly square, I promise!)
The log cabin-style strips around each square are from the Moda American Jane Collection -- a jelly roll in each of the Wee Play, Look and Learn and Recess. (Unfortunately, I don't think they are making this series any longer.) This was the first time I had used a jelly roll, but it won't be the last -- such a great way to get a lot of different fabrics in the same color family, plus, they are perfectly cut and ready to sew.
I have 3 more squares planned/in the works -- The 3 Bears, Jack and Jill (which I am going to have to draw out myself, as it's not part of the collection) and Will Willie Winkie, just because. (Have to draw him out, as well, but it's worth it to get Will on this quilt -- he was WWW for his kindergarten graduation!)
My original plan was to have this done for the fair, but I'm pretty sure that's not going to happen, at least for this year. I hope to have something for the fair, but it's going to be here before I know it, and I have a lot of stuff going on between now and then. I could finish my XOXOXO baby afghan -- it's mighty cute. Probably not 1st place cute, but that's not what it's about (she kept telling herself over and over as she dreamed of the purple rosette!)

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