Sunday, June 20, 2010

Sunday Somethings

Only because I promised to blog every day do I give you the following snooze-worthy update:

- Finished a nice book today -- La's Orchestra Saves the World by Alexander McCall Smith. Now, back to Outlander #4.

- We watched three interesting movies this weekend: The Book of Eli, Gigantic and All About Steve. Very different, but my reviews in order of appearance are "wowsa", "hmmmm" and "tee-hee-hee." Clay assured me I would like Eli, but I was so ticked at him after the first hour; post-nuclear war dramas are not exactly my favorite genre. But he begged me to keep watching, and my Father's Day gift to him is to admit that he was right.

-Finished a little embroidery project -- pictures soon.

- Cuban themed dinner last night -- pork on the grill, black beans and rice and mojitos. Pretty fancy for our house, where cocktail hour is usually a beer and a glass of Oliver Soft Red.

Busy week ahead!

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