Thursday, May 20, 2010

Put on the Happy Face

This was a good day. The kindergartners did a fantastic job at their graduation -- they all knew their parts, sang loud and didn't get too wiggly. They were even very excited and appreciative of the props and decorations -- "Mrs. C, that looks soooo good!" one of them told me. The parents were happy and the cookies were delicious -- all in all, a great time

But tonight I have that icky feeling/attitude I get a lot these days. Just plain old low, you know? It's hard work, putting on the happy face for the kids and my family and "rising to the occasion", as my Grandma P. would put it. It makes me tired and sad.

I don't know what would fix it; "The Office" didn't help much, neither did a little knitting.

I do think some sunshine for more than a few minutes a day would help. My dear husband being home would help. A cure for cancer would help.

Is that asking too much?

1 comment:

  1. Georgie,
    Hang in there. I know what you are saying, girl. You deserve a summer break and a little time to yourself! Somehow you do manage that happy face an awful lot! :)
    Love ya,