Thursday, April 22, 2010


Besides all the usual detritus floating around in my head, today I'm having some major conflicts.

First, I'm having a little trouble with what I read and wrote about last week -- that "we are all doing the best we can" thing. I still believe it's basically true for 99.9% of us. But when just one person fails to even try to do her best, it bogs us all down.

Dear Miss .1%, Could you just please do the best you can ASAP? You're starting to tick me off.

Secondly, and speaking of ticking me off, what the hell is up with Kentucky Fried Chicken and Komen? And I say this as a card carrying member of both the Fried Chicken Lovers' Club and the Women Who Hate Breast Cancer Club. And, as a woman who has given a lot of time and $ to Komen.

Dear Susan B. Komen Foundation, Let me just send you an extra .50 and skip the bucket. I've known for years that a high-fat diet can increase breast cancer risk. In fact, I read that on your website. KFC will probably sell a lot more chicken wrapped in pink paper, (at 590 calories and 32 fat grams per serving) and you'll earn $8 million in the deal, but how in the hell do you people sleep at night?


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