Thursday, April 8, 2010

Some Knitting

So, after the whining earlier this week (sorry about that!), I decided to get busy on a project. I wanted to make a fantastic raffle item for my friend Carie's state meeting. After my good luck with Red Riding Hood and her pals (here), I thought it would be fun to try to design nativity figures based on the same pattern. So, here is my first figure -- Mary: I know. She's a little squat, her veil is a bit long and baby Jesus looks like a peanut. Hmmm.

I've already cast on for Joseph, but I'm not so sure this is what I am going to contribute; I might try to whip up something better this weekend and keep this squatty little nativity.

I've had this set done for a few weeks, and meant to deliver it to baby Lucas before Easter:
The sweater is the Mason Dixon baby kimono, modified -- I didn't knit the sleeves with the body. Basically, I knit a one-piece vest and picked up the sleeve stitches. I made the cuffs a little wider, too. The hat is the Umbilical Cord hat from Stitch and Bitch, and the booties are from a free pattern I picked up at Michael's. The yarn is Bernat Baby Jaquard, in blue this time.

I shared a beautiful baby blanket pattern with my pals at Knit Night this evening, but it will have to wait -- I have a lovely first communion dress to finish altering, a 2,000 word paper to edit and a musical program to pull together -- any ideas on how to entertain a room full of Daughters of Isabella?


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  1. Regarding how to entertain the D. of I. Bring in some fourth degrees and a box of doughnuts.