Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Happy thought, just in time

I ask you. Have I gotten myself into more than I can handle? Right now, I have missed two meetings -- church music and after prom -- because I have been on the phone for the last hour trying to get answers and put out fires.
And I am not good at this. At all.
At least, I feel like I'm not good at it. Clay says I can handle it, and people look to me for answers and calm. Maybe I can give them answers and calm, but why do I then feel so messed up, discombobulated and a little icky?

Then, I read this on kind over matter (see the button to the left) a few minutes ago, and knew it was a sign from God, or fairies or the bloggy powers that be:

We are all trying to do our best
Sometimes we don't know how, and sometimes we make a mess of it. But most of the time, isn't that true?

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