Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Mary and Joe and a couple of squares

Jesus looks less of a peanut here, thank goodness!

I also knit up an angel, but forgot to take a picture. I made her hair with the loopy stitch -- very fun -- and did a lacy little cast off for her sleeves and a little collar. (Just for my own future reference -- I had held a strand of mohair along with the white yarn, then when I cast off, I dropped the white and cast off just with the mohair -- Viola! Lacy cast off!) I was so happy that my pal, Sharon from Linton, won my donation. I am thinking of doing this again for our school auction next year, with some shepherds, wise men and maybe a couple of sheep!

And now that is is safely on its way to Kate, here are my squares for her afghan:

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  1. The Holy Family is so great! I would totally add that to my Christmas decorations collection. You never cease to impress me, Momma Coons!