Thursday, January 7, 2010

Starting Over

Zoe has a new home with us. This is her third home in as many months, and I hope it is her last. (I had been asking Santa for a puppy for several years now -- finally, he came through.) I love, love, love her, and wish Lucky felt the same (she is just pissed. Period. )

I know Will loves her, and although Clay won't admit to loving her, I heard him sweet talking to her yesterday, so there is hope.

The baby sweater in the purplish lace weight has been pitched in the trash. So much for trying to make moth-chewed yarn work/piece together into a garment. It has been replaced with this:

This is Bernat Jacquard (acrylic) that I got at WM -- if I was doing this in the round, it would fair isle more, but I think this is pretty cute. I don't know yet if I will add the feather and fan at the cuffs and hem -- it might not be necessary. And, I am making it in the next bigger size, so it will fit Miss G in the spring.

I added that Amazon widget over there. What do you think? Cluttered, right?

After two days of school, we have a snow day, so we'll be starting all over next week.

And this weekend, we start over with a new priest.

It will all be OK, right?

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